Sunday, 14 December 2014

Shiz, the Chinese found our Hang Out // Belgium Travels

This is a short one for you guys. My finals start this week so by the time this will go online I'll probably writing my ass off at my exams or eating out of my nose as we Dutchies say ... in other words studying my ass off or doing nothing but watching vlogmas videos on youtube. This week will be pretty intense and my last exam is on the 22nd... who's decided this shizzle. TWO DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS FOR ... SAKE (!). Anyway, no time la. Here are some pictures I've taken on my phone, hence the low quality and VSCO vibes, in a restaurant somewhere at a industrial sight in Antwerpen. It was pretty expensive in my eyes, but the food was real good, very Burgundian, not fancy pancy high cuisine: what you see is what you get.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

DAI HANZHI : 5000 ARTISTS // #art

One thing I know I definitely love about my study is the cultural aspect. If I had changed my mind that particular day in the spring of this year and had chosen Communication Studies instead, I wouldn't be as happy as I am now I think. It's just a great feeling that you've made the right choice and I was so scared that this study wouldn't fit me or I would dislike it after a month. Back to the point: the art exhibition of Dai Hanzhi: 5000 artists. It is an exhibition of art pieces collected by Dai Hanzhi or Hans van Dijk. He was a Dutch artist who sold all his work and left for the oriental walhalla: China. Let's say it was a very difficult time to be an artist in modern arts in China back in the 80s. This guy was a great influence to the modern art movement in China back then and we supported the locals even though he was very poor himself. So this exhibition displayed a number of artists he has "discovered" and I wasn't expecting a lot if I'm honest, but this museum trip was surprisingly well received by me.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Change of Plan // Belgium Travels

Aloha my blog readers, hao jiu bu jian! The big exams are coming and I'm shitting myself only thinking about them - i know, tmi Jessy -. I finished learning Modern Chinese and I now know every word I have to learn, I hope. I still have three other exams to prepare for and there's only a week left... HELP. Anyway, blogging is a good distraction and I had a lot of blogging things on my oh so interesting to-do-list, which I whipped up before going to bed yesterday evening. This week has been a very crazy one, mentally. After being sick for a whole week, it really created a urging feeling of being productive and a little existential crisis intensified this feeling as well. This year has gone by so, so fast. It's mind blowing really. I remember that I was partying on the last day of High School when we were able to control the whole school and build this enormous party and now... it's already december. Life and the concept of passing time are becoming a bit scary to me that's for sure. Is that what you are supposed to think when people turn 18 haha? Okay, we are going to deep here, too emo if you ask me. Let's see the pictures of beautiful Antwerpen!