Monday, 29 September 2014

Swim, swim, swim in the ocean // Lisbon #2

Yes, yes, yes! I'm still alive! Kind of... Uni has been a pain in the ass to me energy-wise. I've crazy mood swings, because of PMS and hormones and shit and my brain hurts, because of all the reading in incredibly difficult English and all the writing in Chinese. The study is still very interesting though. I still have a lot of pictures left from my summer vacation. Beautiful photos and/or interesting ones that I really want to share! Let's go back to sunny Lisbon, where it "doesn't rain and smells like coffee everyday when you're in public transport..."

Sunday, 14 September 2014

FASHION WISHES // Tangarine and Tartan

Everybody is searching for something fashion wise. "I want to buy a polkadot midi dress or I want to have a skirt in the perfect shade of red..." I call it "fashion wishes". So, I'm sort of improvising this, because it's been in my head for a while to combine my illustrating skills with fashion and the blog, so I think this will be a fun segment to do: FASHION WISHES, part uno. Let's see what I'd like to see in my wardrobe...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Living the Uni Life // Week 36/37

What's up munchkins! It's me! Mario! I mean Jessy :3

It's been a while since I posted something on the interwebs, but in case you've missed it: I am now studying China Studies at the University of Leiden. That includes a huge amount of traveling back and forth from my hometown in the center of the Netherlands to this minuscule town full of busy students a.k.a. people who are high on coffee and regret those drinks of the day before. The Dutch public transport network is to die for, for reals though. So crappy and especially Utrecht Central Station... the most chaotic place I've ever been to. I am a bicycle kind of girl and I will always stay that way, most definitely. Anyhow, the study itself is pretty interesting. I can not really tell right now, because I just had a few days of uni, but study program doesn't look very bad at all. It's pretty tough though, especially time-wise. You have to put so many hours into this study; it's very independent, so you have a lot of homework to do. Which means you have to have a lot of discipline and plan your things very well, which aren't my strongest points if I'm honest.