Thursday, 29 January 2015

Panna Cotta Recipe

30 minutes prep time // 4 hours waiting time
1. Split the vanilla pod and remove the seeds.
2. Put the double cream, the vanilla seeds and 50 grams of sugar into a pan. Let it simmer for 15 minutes. Make sure you stir ones in a while; keep an eye on the cream and don't boil it!
3. Meanwhile soak the gelatine leaves in cold water. 
4. When the vanilla seeds begin to float on the top (after about 15 minutes) you can remove the vanilla pod from the cream. 
5. Squeeze out the water out of the gelatine leaves and put the leaves into the cream. Stir until dissolved.
6. Grab four cups and make sure they are a bit wet on the inside, so it's easier to take the panna cotta out of the cup later on.
7. Pour the cream into the cups. 
8. Seal the tops with some clingfilm to prevent the pudding absorbing smells from your fridge.
9. Let the puddings set in a fridge for 4 hours.
10. Meanwhile, cut the strawberries in small pieces and put them in a bowl.
11. Add the remaining sugar and mix until dissolved. 
12. Serve the puddings by putting a knife at the rim. Make sure there will be a lot of air between the pudding and the cup. If you think the pudding is loosened enough, try carefully put the cup down onto a plate. The pudding should loosen very easily.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. If I can make it, so can you! I love this recipe. It's so simple :) I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you're going to make this too! You can tag me @makeable on instagram.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Golden Formula? // #19

New year, new formula. New readers would not know that the term quicky was first "youtube" quicky, but it gradually became music only and I want to bring that video or youtube part back and add an other thing: blogs! "Quicky" will for now on be a roundup, a bit similar too the favorites of the month posts everyone does, but in a different set-up. Enjoy!

Throwbacks (yes, it's that girl from the Sugababes), some indie hipstery tunes and surprisingly a lot of more common songs. Lately, I've been totally into Jukebox The Ghost. Their music is catchy, has something folkish about it and it's very happy too.

You may know that I enjoy using the Youtube platform quite a lot. Whenever I want to cook something, watch a movie, researching for travels and so on, I tend to reach this medium first. Because, I have a lot of time now - I passed all my exams, hooray! So I don't have to anything until the beginning of February. I know, such luxury - I'm able to watch more videos. Here are some of my favorite Youtubers. // ViviannaDoesMakeup/Vlogging: love her and Mark, such a cute couple! // JustaMisfit: I'm new to his channel. So far, so good! // Lilypebbles: I don't super love her videos, but this one about scrapbooking made me want to start one and I did! Post coming very soon! // Jack&Dean: love their quirky comedy skits and this end of 2014 was very funny. I love Jack's personal channel too! // Mike Falzone: he is in my top 5 favorite youtubers for sure! Love his sense of humor. // Dream in Colour: This is a cheeky one, I couldn't find it on Spotify, so that's why it's in the video section :p // Tom Thum: GREAT beatboxer. I really enjoyed watching his TED talk too. // The 1975: I know, another music video, but this one is before The 1975 was The 1975. This is a hidden treasure and it already has got more than 400.000 views! At first it was only 40.000... // The Treehouse Children: same goes for them; their not on Spotify // WIDM Vodcast: for the Dutchies who watch Wie is de Mol! Joeri is zo leuk! Niet leuk-leuk, maar je weet wat ik bedoel. // Vogue 73 Questions: great series. Loved the one with Reese Witherspoon too. 


I would love to know what your recommendations are in the categories music, video or blogs. Let me know in the comment box below! - P.s. Feel free to introduce me to your own blog :)

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Risotto Therapy // #Foodporn 9

Back when my eyebrow game was not so strong, in the summer of 2014, not too long ago, I promised you guys to post a risotto recipe. The recipe is not mine, I just follow the instructions of the risotto rice packaging: so prof. Anyway, making risotto is so therapeutic. You just keep stirring, keep adding stock and the job is done! It doesn't need much brain power; that's why I like it :) 
Instead of giving you a recipe, I would like to give you some tips, because all you really need to do is follow the instructions on your risotto rice packaging :p By the way, for the Dutchies, I bought mine at Albert Heijn, but I saw that Dille & Kamille also has this risotto. 
~ Be generous with your olive oil and use a high quality one for more and a better flavor. If you use too little you would not be able to coat every grain of rice. (Same goes for the white wine.)
~ Cook on a medium/high heat and don't be lazy: KEEP STIRRING! NEVAR STOP! 
~ Add some mushrooms halfway through so the rice will be able to absorb most of the stock first. You don't want the shrooms stealing their yummy stuck, right?
~ Keep the stock warm and don't let it cool down. If you use cooled down stock it will reduce the heat of the risotto pan and cooking process will be slower. 
~ Last not but least: what to do with the leftovers? Just seal them and put them in the fridge. Reheating is simple. Drizzle some olive oil into a pan, have some boiled water ready and add the rice to the hot pan. Add the water little by little until the consistency is the same as before you put it in the fridge. Not very hard right? 
Bonus: here are some nice risotto recipes you might like to try:
(Dutch!) Fennel and Lemon Risotto 

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