Wednesday, 16 April 2014

I hate people that only post selfies on social media... okay, hating is a very big and serious word. Let's say that I don't fancy that. However, I think that my focus today has to be somewhere different. My quote of today... Let's say it's: Embrace yourself. Be self-concious. Be happy about your looks. Be grateful that you didn't inherit your moms ugly toes or just embrace them if you have got those genes. I watched a lot of Oprah these days, when I was supposed to be learning for my re-examinations. My notes for Management&Organisation, Latin and History weren't that great so I decided to re-examine M&O and Economics. Economics was necessary... too long story to explain. Anyhow, back to Oprah. After watching Pharrell crying happy tears, I've jumped into the wagon of the Oprah train. The one that was the most interesting to me was the one with Lady Gaga or Stephani as her mom calls her. She seems to be such a down to earth person, if you don't look at her fluffy dust of materials I came to the realization that people in the showbizz are people too. People that have to take selfies all the time on instagram, because otherwise the fans will be bored and they just want to see what their idol is doing, they want their faces: 24/7. I'm trying some stream of consciousness ways of writing now. I've always done that method, if I'm honest. This blog feels as a diary to me and I don't think that a diary should be filled with photos of yourself only. Fashion blogs seems to boost people's ego so much, but also let other ones go down hill. Don't get me wrong, I still love those. However, I do think that people should be writing more, making better content and not just post OOTD's. They are fun, but you just get to know their style and that's not the most interesting part about a human isn't it? Oh boy, I'm getting off topic right here. So, how are y'all doing? 

Best, Jessy

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

NY's Resolution: Cook more, dòn't eat more

Omelet with the whites and yolk cooked separately. The white, lightly whisked up, first to form a crispy bottom and the yolk after the white is cooked so it's still a bit runny! - With sautéed courgette cubes, ham and tomato sauce.  
One of my New Year's resolutions was to cook more myself and don't eat too much pre made garbage. So, I did! However, I think I ate more than I used to eat during lunch. I obviously don't have the time to cook every lunch time and dinner is my mom's job so I don't cook then either. These are some things I've cooked these past few weeks and I will be posting a recipe of the panna cotta later this week, so stay tuned! And sorry for leaving the blog world for such a long time! The school exams were made okay and I did a "study course" in Leiden for Management & Organisation after having these exams from friday to sunday. So, I didn't have much time to blog. I was there everyday from 8.30am till 9pm in the evening and I had to travel back home by train which took ages too. However, I'm really excited to enter these final weeks of my high school carrier, but I'm also sad, because I will miss the people and the school... wow, I realize that I will miss the school. How odd ;p

Monday, 24 March 2014

#Foodporn 5: Hotspot Delft

Korean food; we don't get the real thing here in the Netherlands, but it's better then nothing ánd I don't really know better. The Korean cuisine isn't as popular here as in other places in the world, except for the ones that have experienced the "Hallyu Wave" - the rise of the South-Korean industry - through drama's such as Dae Jung Gum, Full House and Secret Garden or through pop artists like Psy and Girl's Generation. It is a hype like the Japanese culture has/had. However, I will always love me some kimchi. I've had it today; my mum made some dukbokki with very sour kimchi and marinated chicken mmmmm. Anyhow, let's talk about this restaurant.