Sunday, 12 April 2015

Austria / Skiing 2015

Kramp in mijn billen van het urenlange zitten.
Urenlang meezingen met de meest random liedjes op de radio of van mijn zusjes oh zo foute playlists.
De vermoeiende pauzes bij de wegrestaurants in Duitsland waar je niet kan schelden in het Nederlands - aangezien degene links, rechts, achter én voor jou evenveel van pindakaas en hagelslag houdt als jij, oftewel heel Nederland is met je mee aan het emigreren naar Tirol. Oja, vergeet niet het snacken in de auto, de voeten op het dashboard, correctie; ik kan geen kant op aangezien ik achterin zit tussen de autodeur - 1 meter - en de Chinese muur van reistassen rechts van me en dus ong. maar 1,5 kubieke meter tot mijn beschikking heb.

Dit stukje tekst is grammaticaal echt poep, maar ik heb geen zin om in het ABN te typen; daar is mijn brein te lui voor. Nou, dat is ongeveer hoe mijn reis daarheen eruitzag.

Eenmaal daar is het een heel ander verhaal, gelukkig! Je skiet dan tussen de Hollanders met hier en daar wat verdwaalde Ieren, Duitsers, Britten, Fransozen, Russen; een heel pot nat. Dit potje nat is juist wat zo'n skivakantie in Oostenrijk – of andere skigebieden – zo mooi maakt; het is divers, je leert de meest rare/knappe/aardige mensen kennen en je raakt nooit verveeld; dat is tenminste wat ik ervan denk. Dagenlang skiën, lekker eten naar binnen werken, leuke gasten spotten (ben ik blijkbaar niet áltijd goed in :p) en genieten van de tijd die je spendeert met je naasten. Dit verhaal gaat helemaal nergens heen. Het was gewoon hartstikke leuk en ik wil het veel vaker doen. Misschien moet ik volgend jaar niet tijdens het hoogseizoen gaan. Waarom vraag je? Nou we hadden teringveel file. Een scheldwoord mag hier van mezelf aangezien ik vorige week vrijdag (dit is een paar maanden terug al geschreven ;P)  dus van half negen s'ochtends tot twaalf uur s'avonds in de auto zat. Mijn J-Lo-billen waren foetsie hoor – dream on, I know.

Mijn conclusie is; skivakanties hebben z'n pro's en con's, maar ik denk dat de pro's zeker zwaarder wegen en wie zegt er nou nee tegen een week zon, sneeuw en heerlijk eten? Ik in ieder geval zekers niet! Deze drie elementen heb ik ook volop vastgelegd met mijn oh zo snelle iPhone 4s, ahum. Maar met hulp van een nieuwe fisheye lens die ik bij de HEMA had gehaald zijn de foto's helemaal niet zo slecht geworden. Sommige zijn trouwens van een familievriend van ons. Nou veel kijkplezier, dit is deel 1 van de trip: De Heenreis! 


Gazing to the view from across the mountain, looking upon other mountains with tops of powdered sugar; it looks so surreal! I've always loved going on winter holidays to Austria. It is such a beautiful country and I'm not the only Dutch person who knows that. During the school vacations of the month february, many Dutch, British, French, Russian men and others head to the wonderful hills of the Alps. The ride to this destination point is the most fun thing you can do with your family and/or friends and the most stressful as well. Nevertheless, all the butt pain of hours sitting, cramp of lacking leg space because your mother overpacked, painful moments when you smell your little sister farts and it doesn't go away: all those moments are worth the journey, I promise.

We've been doing this for about ten years now and we still do it by car, with a lot of stau, stops at the weird reststops, but we do get a break about 600km into the ride (near Munchen), spending the night at a motel before crossing the Austrian border. Our end destination was Kaprun, where we've been for many years and this year was extra special, because we hadn't been skiing in Austria for two years; I was a bit afraid that I had forgotten how to ski :p

Once in Austria we could really begin the fun part of the vacation: SKIING, FOOD, MORE FOOD! I took a lot of snaps with my iPhone and my new über inexpensive fisheye lens (I love HEMA) and our family friend took many pictures on his camera as well. So, enjoy part one of the trip:

Update: Uni is stressing me out. That's the reason why I post this so late ;p
I hope you guys are doing well!
Take care,


Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Catch Up (2) - Week 7/8

"Wallen van hier tot Tokyo", literally translated as "bags under my eyes from here to Tokyo" in other words: I'm flippin' tired! Correction, I was very tired until last week; I had the chance to escape the uni life and head to Austria. You can expect some footage from that week soon! 

The first two months of this year have flown by, literally. Deadlines are piling up and I'm still my lazy little self, which implies that I don't give a shit and don't do a thing either. Okay, it's not hundred percent true. I'm studying quite hard, spend little time home, but I try to plan some free time as well. Due of lacking time and also some creativity, I decided to pause this blog, taking a break. So, I'm now starting fresh with some pictures I took mid-february. So much footage is waiting for me to edit and post online! I will be posting more personal posts like these, because these are my favorite indeed. I hope you like it!

@ Markthal Rotterdam: Visiting this lovely market building made me wish I had a little restaurant/bar/shop myself. It was buzzing with people, because it was the carnaval weekend. My sister was not really pleased with the people next to us. That guy was way too touchy touchy; PDA has it's limits youngish gentleman! 

This view of Rotterdam is one of my favorite ones of the city. Arriving by car you will probably pass this part of the city, the beautiful scenery with the water, the old warehouses, the skyscrapers: where new meets old. 
@ de Lange Muur, Rotterdam: If you ever can get your hands on these munchies – mini bapao wrapped deep-fried oysters with a honey glaze - I would definitely give it a try! It is one of my favorite dishes. The stickiness, sweetness of the honey  with a bitter undertone because of it's caramelization, the crunchiness of that glaze, the softness of the bapao wrapper, the freshness that the parsley gives the dish breaks through that heaviness, one word: yummy!  

@ Het Arsenaal, Leiden: the uni building of the South-East Asian Studies, my hangout 9/10 of the time I spent at the uni. You may have seen these two pictures on my Instagram feed, but I wanted to share it otherwise. The last one is my favorite. It has a bit of a depressive vibe, don't know why, maybe because of the people you can vaguely see, maybe it's because it's in black and white. Anyway, I could not not take a picture of this, the inner Asian really screamed to take this picture :p 

I present the goofy, after having the most boring classes-me. I make weird faces when I eat, I know. 

So far, so good, I guess! I'm still loving what I do plus I have found some balance between studying and my free time.

"Just keep on stimulating yourself to do better, greater, more awesome things", I say to myself everyday. It really works for me, it may as well work for you!

Dream big guys and enjoy every single moment of life as long as it's going to last! 

So emo/weheartit, lol. Take care guys! Aufwiederschnitzels - I'm hungry. 

Sincerely, Jessy

Friday, 13 February 2015

Ramen Goodness // #foodporn 10 - hotspot near A'dam

A bowl of wonderful deliciousness, a bombastic fantastic explosion of flavors, savory and sweet, slurpidy slurp, more slurping involved and at the end you get to enjoy a lovely broth, maybe mixed with rice; everybody has his/hers own habits.

Hey guys! How have you all been? This is the first time in two weeks that I have time to simply sit here and just blog. I'm two weeks into my second semester and things are going pretty good so far, still loving it of course! Literature, Art, Philosophy, Religion, Premodern Chinese and Modern Chinese History are my new courses; so far, so good. I'm especially curious of how the religion part will be. It has always amazed me how odd and weird Chinese religions are, especially the superstitions. 
A lot of things happened to me this past few weeks and I have to say that the new year started pretty well, haha. I'm glad that I really had the chance to clear my mind and start this semester as a fresher and "more zen" version of myself. 
The posts of the past few weeks were a bit less personal, because I had planned them beforehand. So sorry for my lack of personal input and I will assure you that my posts will be a bit more "interesting" :p Oh, I've missed this a lot! Anyway, back to the food...

Restaurant Raku is a small restaurant owned by Japanese people (no Chinese, hooray!). It's in a very tranquil neighborhood and the busstation is nearby, so using public transportation will be advised! Tip: be early if you want to eat lunch here! You can't make a reservation for lunchtime, only for dinner!
Their broth is light, not too oily and super flavorful; the noodles chewy; the condiments were okay. Their gyoza have a lot of veggies in them, so that's a plus!
Kimuchi Miso Ramen, Normal Miso Ramen and my Yasai Curry Miso Ramen
I would definitely recommend to have a ramen lunch at this place. A lunch set (with gyoza, pickles and a bowl of rice) is 12-16 euro. Pretty reasonably priced for a fresh selfmade bowl of goodness.

Thank you for reading this post and I'll see y'all soon!
Take care, Jessy