Saturday, 4 October 2014

Fall is calling for me // 2014

For my parents 23rd wedding anniversary we went to this ├╝ber fancy castle in the middle of the woods. It was the beginning of the autumn days of 2014 and the sun was setting down. In other words: the perfect time to shoot some lovely fall photos in nature. Anyhow, I was a bit bombed out that I didn't bring my DSLR camera with me, but I took some pics with my iPhone anyway. They aren't as good as I the photos made last year with my friend, but hey... I can say they are pretty good for pictures taken by a mobile phone! Let's take a look at the nicest ones and the food we ate :3

Monday, 29 September 2014

Swim, swim, swim in the ocean // Lisbon #2

Yes, yes, yes! I'm still alive! Kind of... Uni has been a pain in the ass to me energy-wise. I've crazy mood swings, because of PMS and hormones and shit and my brain hurts, because of all the reading in incredibly difficult English and all the writing in Chinese. The study is still very interesting though. I still have a lot of pictures left from my summer vacation. Beautiful photos and/or interesting ones that I really want to share! Let's go back to sunny Lisbon, where it "doesn't rain and smells like coffee everyday when you're in public transport..."

Sunday, 14 September 2014

FASHION WISHES // Tangarine and Tartan

Everybody is searching for something fashion wise. "I want to buy a polkadot midi dress or I want to have a skirt in the perfect shade of red..." I call it "fashion wishes". So, I'm sort of improvising this, because it's been in my head for a while to combine my illustrating skills with fashion and the blog, so I think this will be a fun segment to do: FASHION WISHES, part uno. Let's see what I'd like to see in my wardrobe...